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Already Been Chewed Composting is a small worm farm in the Denver, CO metro area. We started small in 2007 and have been growing ever since. This is one of the best adventures I have ever under taken. I think it is great that I am able to feed paper and vegitables to the worms and they make oganic fertilizer.  


My Goals
  • To remove as much trash form the waste stream as possible
  • To promote global worming as much as possible
  • To educate as many people about worm farming as I am able

I have a lot of help with my adventure. My kids and wife help out when ever possible. My daughter and I attended the Earth Day Fair in Denver during the spring of 2009. I am trying to get set up to attend again. 

I will try to keep my website up dated as to how much trash the worms consume. I feed about 100 pounds of paper and vegitables a week. For the year the worms have eaten 2.5 tons of trash. That does not include all of the worms that I have sold.