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The books that I like about worm farming are the one writen by Mary Applehof. Mary was one of the most respected autorities on worm farming. This book will help you start and maintain the bin.wormseatourgarbage.jpg 12.95

Here are some great options for your worm bin. If you already have a bin set up and running, the Accessory kit makes a great addition to help with maintaining your bin.  The kit is only $19.95. Shipping included!


Coconut shells are a renewable resource that can be used as bedding. The coir holds moisture and the worms like to burrow through it. Its a great way to start your bin out or to use as a growing medium. Coco has ideal pH in the range of 6-6.7. Coco coir has some anti-fungal properties that help plants to get rid of soil borne diseases. It inhibits pathogens like Pithium. Coco is very easy to re-hydrate after being dehydrated.
A.B.C. Composting has three sizes to choose from a 250g brick, a 650g brick and a large 5kg brick that will fill a wheelbarrow.
Shipping Included!


Coconut Coir Bricks