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Envirocycle Mini Composter/Composteamaker


The new Envirocycle™ Mini Composter/Composteamaker™ comes pre-assembled and ready to use in a colour that blends naturally with its surroundings. The urban-savvy spinning composter, manufactured by Envirocycle™ Systems, is made with a high percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic. Its versatile compact design makes it easy to fit anywhere, thus the perfect compost tumbler for the gardener with limited space. This distinctive 2 in 1 compost tumbler makes it easier and faster to generate nutrient rich compost year round. Simply give the drum a few turns and your compost remains well mixed while the unique base design simultaneously collects compost tea, producing two excellent natural fertilizers. This organic plant food can be used for houseplants, outdoor plants, trees, lawns and gardens. Spinning the composter at least 3 times a week and adding the right mix of organic matter, will produce dark, rich, odorless organic compost in 4-6 weeks. The hassle free design ideally suits today’s urban lifestyle allowing for easy placement on balconies, patios, garages or gardens. The Envirocycle™ Mini Composter/Composteamaker™ makes it simple to keep the earth green for generations to come.


The traditional method of alternating between two units allows faster and easier composting; when one is filled, you can easily switch to the other

The unique base design also collects compost tea (a powerful liquid fertilizer)

Composters come pre-assembled and ready to use

Compact, durable and user-friendly

Openings for air circulation

Indented grip for turning

Made with a high percentage of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled plastic

The composter, and each of its parts come with a 5 year warranty.

Fits almost anywhere, even on a balcony

Great solution for urban gardeners, eco-homes and for people living in apartments or condos

Fast composting cycle of 4-6 weeks

Made close to home to reduce the Carbon footprint

Visually appealing and blends in naturally with outdoor surroundings

Paperless operational guide available online

Not just a simple composter, also a compost tea collector, a powerful natural fertilizer

Can be used all year round

Real Eco-friendly product to help your environmental image

Thick and durable