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ABC Composting, Inc. Aurora, Colorado

Please plan to pick up your products in
Aurora, Colorado 80013
Shipping is available in Colorado

Worms ARE No Longer Available!!  They will be available again next Spring.

ABC Composting

fresh tomatoes taste so much better than store tomatoesWe didn’t plan on being worm farmers. Healthy local veggies and fruits were our goal. Still are – since a good-size portion of our vermicompost and castings go right back into the garden.

If you’ve eaten a tomato or carrot fresh from your garden then you understand the difference between grocery store and home-grown food. Its all about flavor and nutrition.

We started vermicomposting several years ago and bought our worms from our buddy Mike and built a tote composter. Late 2019 Mike and Ann said they were getting out of the business and Rick and I jumped on the opportunity.

So now our little slice of suburbia is its own circle of life. We save and plant seeds, harvest and can food, and eat wonderfully fresh produce.

The leftovers go into soup and the tail end of that goes to the worms. They produce the vermicompost that goes back to the garden and the castings that make a part of our seed starter mix.  So it goes.