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ABC Composting, Inc. Aurora, Colorado

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Worms ARE No Longer Available!!  They will be available again next Spring.

Garden Worms vs Composting Worms

Garden worms and composting worms are two totally different species. Composting worms (aka red wigglers) will die if placed in soil. Do NOT put Composting Worms in your garden.

Gardens need earthworms (like nightcrawlers) to aerate the soil and breakdown some dead organic matter. This type of worm can survive winter freezes and summer heat waves. For in-soil burrowing you want an Anecic species.

Composting worms only live in compost – manure, dead organics, paper and cardboard. Plus, they are picky about their living conditions. 50-80 degrees is best, but they survive from 40 to 90. High moisture is required, without damp conditions they cannot breathe. For massive composting you want an Epigeic species. Red Wigglers are NOT invasive; they can’t survive in our (Colorado) soil or cold.