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Casting, Vermicompost and Tea

Feburary 1st, 2021

Casting, Vermicompost and Tea

This year’s fresh castings are ready

For those who make their own seedling mix.  We’ve started asparagus seeds, but melons and peppers won’t start until next month.

We’re also accumulating vermicompost, so we’ll have 1- and 2-pound cloth “teabags” for this spring. Note: worm tea does not drain from the bottom of worm bins. That is more properly called “leachate” and is only the water, soluble chemicals, and all types of bacteria that washes from the food and bedding when they’re excessively wet.  Ick.

Worm tea comes from suspending a bag of vermicompost in a bucket and bubbling air (little aquarium pumps work well) through it for 24 hours.  This grows the oxygen loving bacteria and micro-organisms.  The anaerobic (stinky stuff) bacteria do not survive.  

Bottled tea and teabags are not premade as we do not add chemical stabilizers.  Please call or text before ordering.