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ABC Composting, Inc. Aurora, Colorado

Please plan to pick up your products in
Aurora, Colorado 80013
Shipping is available in Colorado

Worms ARE No Longer Available!!  They will be available again next Spring.

Worm Shortage Updates

Worm Storage Updates for 2021 from ABC Composting

Feburary 28, 2022

Wholesale bulk prices are still high. Retail online prices are up for the third year. We are NOT RAISING our prices. Including tax halfapound of reds is $27 and a pound is $54.   

Some online sellers are selling “combined stock” a mix of red wigglers (Eisenia fetidas) and nightcrawlers and sometimes Georgia (Alabama) Jumpers.  That combo keeps the price down, but the quality of composting goes down. 

For bulk orders we’ll act as a consolidator by collecting orders and placing them all at one time to one address.  That should get the price down. Let me know if you’re interested.