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ABC Composting, Inc. Aurora, Colorado

Please plan to pick up your products in
Aurora, Colorado 80013
Shipping is available in Colorado

Worms ARE No Longer Available!!  They will be available again next Spring.

Bulk Red Wigglers

worms2The best composting worms for Colorado. We sell bedrun worms - Adult, juvenile and cocoons. Quantities are limited to 1 lb per week. If you need greater amounts please contact us.
Sold in 1/2 lb quantities. 


Eisenia Foetida are the super worms of composting. They're able to eat half their weight each day. There are approximately 1000 worms in a pound. Ours are bedrun worms meaning you will receive breeding adults through babies along with a bit of bedding for moisture. Eggs and babies weigh very little so most of your worms will be adults

When worms are shipped they generally do not eat. They will dry out a little also. When your worms arrive spray with water to give them a moister environment and put them in their new home. 

How Many to Buy?  I depends how much food you have for them to eat.  1 pound is a reasonable amount for first-timers.  They will reproduce fast if there's an abundance of food.

If you would like quanities larger than 5 pounds please call.

Species Disclaimer

It is not possible to guarantee 100% pure worm species with any type of composting worm. Occasional roamers may leave their growing tray and migrate to another species’ tray. There is always a chance of receiving a few “other” composting species in your order. We have not received any complaints on this issue yet, but it does happen in the worm industry occasionally even when taking precautions.