CowPots, the better way to start your gardenCowPots DirectionsCowPots are the natural alternative stop using plastic pots for your garden.

Made from recycled, renewable, composted cow manure, CowPots are odor-free and 100% biodegradable. That means, there is nothing to throw away.

Once you've started your seeds or transplants, these 3" style CowPots have a suggested shelf life of 12 weeks.

Every pot is designed to allow for root penetration so when it's time to transplant, you never crush or tear the pot wall, leaving the tender roots intact. CowPots continue to benefit your plant and soil as they decompose in the garden.

I start seeds, especially the tiny ones, in old 72-cell plastic trays.  As long as they hold water and soil they are useful - tho I won't buy any more.  Seedlings and large seeds grow to transplantable size in cowpot containers.  Peat pots aren't really sustainable, 1  but cowpots certainly are, plus they use a waste product, taking it healthily out of the environment.

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