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Worm Sex

I suppose you could say "sex" but since both worms have sperm that they swap, and then both worms lay eggs and neither one ever does the dishes, is it really sex?

worm eggsAfter breeding, each worm will lay about one egg every week until its sperm supply is depleted. With the right conditions (temperature, food, space) the capsules will hatch in between 30-50 days. It will take another 50-75 days to reach breeding maturity. There is a lot of info out there that indicates worm population will double every 60 days. I have found that that is not the case. Your worms will breed at an alarming rate, once you have a large population of breeders. The mature worm population laying one egg a week for about 52 weeks, each egg hatching 3, plus do the math.

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mites on tomato plantThere’s little critters in my worm bin!

Earthworm pests are birds, rats, snakes, moles, mice, gophers, toads, and other insects or animals that feed on worms or molest them. Arthropods such as mites and ants are probably of the greatest concern to earthworm growers.


Mites are natural inhabitants of manures and similar organic materials. All worm beds contain small populations of mites, which under certain conditions may reach extremely high levels. If worm beds are not cared for properly, acidity can build up and create conditions that allow mites to thrive. Routinely check pH and add agricultural lime if the pH is less than 6.8.

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