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5+ pounds of wormsEisenia Foetida are the super worms of composting. They're able to eat half their weight each day. There are approximately 1000 worms in a pound. Ours are bedrun worms meaning you will receive breeding adults through babies along with a bit of bedding for moisture. Eggs and babies weigh very little so most of your worms will be adults

NOTE: Due to shortages nationwide we will begin selling half pounds on February 27, 2021. AVAILABLE NOW :  Worms bins/factories include a half pound of worms. Please text or call 303-680-4134.  See bins/factories on "buy bins" page. 

When worms are shipped they generally do not eat. They will dry out a little also. When your worms arrive spray with water to give them a moister environment and put them in their new home. 

How Many to Buy?  I depends how much food you have for them to eat.  1 pound is a reasonable amount for first-timers.  They will reproduce fast if there's an abundance of food.

We ship worms by Priority Mail so they arrive in about 1 to 3 days, shipping fee is $5 per pound.  We are not currently shipping worms.  If you're near Denver/Aurora Colorado you may also pick them up personally.   If you would like quanities of 5 pounds or more please call or text.

per pound:  Prices shown are for LOCAL PICK-UP (Aurora, Colorado) - please choose the "Shipping" option to have it sent to you.

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