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Welcome to A.B.C. Composting
ABC Composting is a worm farm in northeast metro Denver Colorado. We started small in 2007 and have been growing ever since.
Welcome to our site.

Already Been Chewed Composting. We are a small worm farm in the northeast Denver metro area. Starting a worm farm sounded like a great adventure and has been just that. Worm farming is also call Vermiculture or Vermicomposting. Specifically vermiculture is the art of taking care of your livestock(worms) with food, bedding and environment that helps them thrive. Everything that you read on starting a worm farm says to start small. That is good advice because your farm will not be small for long.

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Our Mission

At Already Been Chewed Composting, we will promote worm farming and the benifits derived from it. We will supply the highest quality products available to us. A.B.C. Composting will provide environmentally sustainable products whenever possible.

Your Mission

Your job is to implement a variety of environmentally resposible and sustainable living prictices. Some of these practices include utlizing alternative fuels, building green, and buying locally grown produce.

And - compost your yard waste so it does not end up in a landfill. Worm composting is a great way to compost your green waste to starve the landfill.

The Worms Mission

In worm composting the worm has a mission as well. The worms assignment is to provide:

- organic fertilizer free of dangerous pathogen's commonly found in manure

- to keep landfills empty of paper waste and grass clippings, vegitable matter, coffee grounds and leaves 


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